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The World's Water is a comprehensive reference on worldwide freshwater resources and the political, economic, scientific, and technological issues associated with them. Published every two years, The World's Water provides both detailed analysis of the most significant trends and events and up-to-date data on water resources and their use. They are essential references for water resources specialists, resource economists, planners, students, and anyone concerned with water issues.

"An extravagantly important book."
   Norman Myers, Oxford University

"Lucid and timely discussions the data appendices are concise and invaluable."
   Gilbert F. White, University of Colorado, Boulder

"I will keep this book close at hand, not on a shelf across the room."
   Sandra Postel, international water specialist

1998-1999 Book Cover
2000-2001 Book Cover
2002-2003 Book Cover

The World's Water 1998-1999, The World's Water 2000-2001 and The World's Water 2002-2003 are available for purchase at the Island Press online bookstore.

Updated: 02/20/2001
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