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Water is one of our most critical resources, but around the world it is under threat. is dedicated to providing information and resources to help protect and preserve fresh water around the globe.

The World's Water, Vol. 7 Now Available

For more than a decade, the biennial report The World's Water has provided key data and expert insights into our most pressing freshwater issues.

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The World's Water Vol. 7

"There are few books that can genuinely be described as indispensable. This is one.... Essential reading." -Financial Times
Global Water Report

Many places may be reaching the point of "peak water" – and to conserve this critical resource without harming the economy or public health, businesses, communities, governments, and individuals need new techniques to move to sustainable water management. The World's Water, Vol. 7 delivers analysis for developing those techniques, addressing:

▪ Reform of U.S. water policy, including economic approaches, decentralized decision-making, and stakeholder participation;
▪ Risks for businesses that do not manage their water resources responsibly;
▪ Impacts of climate change on transboundary water resources and agreements;
▪ The effects of fossil fuel production on water quality;
▪ Regional and worldwide impacts of China's dam policy;
▪ The lessons of Australia's prolonged drought; and
▪ Newly updated data on international water quality.  

Peter Gleick Discusses The World's Water-View selected chapters and data tables.

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Pacific Institute President
Dr. Peter Gleick talks about
The World's Water, Vol. 7.



Peter Gleick discusses:
- peak water;
-population and sustainable water; and
- climate change and the water cycle.

Watch Peter Gleick's 2011 presentation on
The World's Water Volume 7 at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

Listen to Peter Gleick talk about potential risks from coal seam gas mining.

EOS, newspaper of the American Geophysical Union, covers The World's Water: "Meeting Basic Human Needs for Water Presents Huge Challenge, Expert Says."

This site complements the series The World’s Water: The Biennial Report on Freshwater Resources.

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View selected chapters and data tables.

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