Trouble viewing the Timeline?

Text Overlaps or is Undreadable

Internet Explorer users may have some trouble with overlapping text on the timeline. This occurs when you have set the text size to "Larger" or "Largest". Instead, use the Zoom to make the text larger and more readable on your monitor. From the menu, choose:

View > Text Size > Normal

This should fix the layout of the text, but it may be too small to read. To make (everything) bigger, choose:

View > Zoom

and select a higher zoom percentage, or click Zoom in. You can also type Ctrl + and Ctrl – to zoom in and out.

Or, you may wish to upgrade to the Firefox browser.

How do I navigate the Timeline?

Try dragging it horizontally or using your mouse-wheel. Click on each event for more details.

The timeline has two bands. The band on the bottom is an overview, covering a longer time span. The top band shows a shorter time span and shows more detail. The shaded portion of the bottom band indicates the time span of the band on top.

Conflicts which occured at a specific time are shown as points on the timeline. Conflicts which lasted over many years are shown as horizontal bars. For conflicts with a very long duration, you may have to pan to the beginning to view its caption. You may also click anywhere on the bar to see details about the event.